Bad Ass Jean Reno Talks “The Doorman”, Quarantine, His Favorite Genre, & more…

RyĆ»hei Kitamura takes Ruby Rose from Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black and puts her up against veteran Hollywood badass Jean Reno in The Doorman. Rose, who is a former marine turned doorman, must try to outsmart a group of career criminal art thieves who have come to a luxury New York skyrise to steal back a famous painting.Continue reading “Bad Ass Jean Reno Talks “The Doorman”, Quarantine, His Favorite Genre, & more…”

Brandon Cronenberg & Cast Talk Possessor Uncut

Visionary director Brandon Cronenberg delivers an unforgettable experience with his latest sci-fi/horror film Possessor Uncut.  By using brain implant technology, elite assassin, Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) takes control over other people’s bodies, but her last target may prove to be more difficult than she could imagine. At a recent virtual press day, Screen Picks got to chat with writer/directorContinue reading “Brandon Cronenberg & Cast Talk Possessor Uncut”

Charlie Plummer & Taylor Russell Talk “Words On Bathroom Walls”

Words On Bathroom Walls is the heartwarming drama surrounding a high school senior, Adam (Charlie Plummer) who has schizophrenia. Together, with the help of his supporting mother (Molly Parker), a brilliant classmate (Taylor Russell), and a priest (Andy Garcia), Adam learns to come to terms with his illness while learning not to be defined by hisContinue reading “Charlie Plummer & Taylor Russell Talk “Words On Bathroom Walls””