“Belfast”: A Cathartic Homage to Heritage & A Subtle Warning for America

The multi-talented triple-threat writer/director/actor Sir Kenneth Branagh spent his time in quarantine writing his most personal and introspective film to date. Belfast recalls his experience growing up in Northern Ireland during the civil unrest between the Protestants and the Catholics in the 1960s. Personally, it moved me more than any film has in a longContinue reading ““Belfast”: A Cathartic Homage to Heritage & A Subtle Warning for America”

“Gay Chorus Deep South” Tackles Discrimination Head On

The San Fransico Gay Men’s Chorus Artistic Director Tim Seeling and Film Director David Charles Rodrigues talk about tackling discrimination head-on in the film “Gay Chorus Deep South.” The MTV documentary follows the chorus as they embark on a tour of the American Deep South in response to a wave of discriminatory anti-LGBTQ laws andContinue reading ““Gay Chorus Deep South” Tackles Discrimination Head On”

Tim Blake Nelson and Writer/Director Potsy Ponciroli Talk “Old Henry”

Writer/Director Potsy Ponciroli discusses the challenges of diving into the Western genre. While Tim Blake Nelson talks about playing the fastest gunslinger in the West in the new film “Old Henry.” Now available on VOD. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Bad Ass Jean Reno Talks “The Doorman”, Quarantine, His Favorite Genre, & more…

Ryûhei Kitamura takes Ruby Rose from Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black and puts her up against veteran Hollywood badass Jean Reno in The Doorman. Rose, who is a former marine turned doorman, must try to outsmart a group of career criminal art thieves who have come to a luxury New York skyrise to steal back a famous painting.Continue reading “Bad Ass Jean Reno Talks “The Doorman”, Quarantine, His Favorite Genre, & more…”

Brandon Cronenberg & Cast Talk Possessor Uncut

Visionary director Brandon Cronenberg delivers an unforgettable experience with his latest sci-fi/horror film Possessor Uncut.  By using brain implant technology, elite assassin, Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) takes control over other people’s bodies, but her last target may prove to be more difficult than she could imagine. At a recent virtual press day, Screen Picks got to chat with writer/directorContinue reading “Brandon Cronenberg & Cast Talk Possessor Uncut”

Charlie Plummer & Taylor Russell Talk “Words On Bathroom Walls”

Words On Bathroom Walls is the heartwarming drama surrounding a high school senior, Adam (Charlie Plummer) who has schizophrenia. Together, with the help of his supporting mother (Molly Parker), a brilliant classmate (Taylor Russell), and a priest (Andy Garcia), Adam learns to come to terms with his illness while learning not to be defined by hisContinue reading “Charlie Plummer & Taylor Russell Talk “Words On Bathroom Walls””

Viola Davis & Allison Janney Talk Bullying & “Troop Zero”

Amazon Prime’s Troop Zero is a delightful and inspiring film about dreaming big, making friendships and embracing one’s unique sensibilities. The story is set in rural 1977 Georgia, where a misfit girl (McKenna Grace) dreams of life in outer space. When a competition offers her a chance to be recorded on NASA’s Golden Record, sheContinue reading “Viola Davis & Allison Janney Talk Bullying & “Troop Zero””

Aldis Hodge On “Clemency” & Capital Punishment

The drama Clemency explores what kind of toll death row and its executions takes on those who must carry them out. The story revolves around prison warden Bernadine Williams (Alfre Woodard). After years spent carrying out death row executions, her psyche has been frayed. She grapples with psychological and emotional pressures of the job, as she drinksContinue reading “Aldis Hodge On “Clemency” & Capital Punishment”

“Horse Girl” Writer-Director Jeff Baena Gets Deep!

With his past films including love stories about zombies in Life After Death and the medieval dark comedy The Little Hours, it’s not shocking that director Jeff Baena’s fourth film, Horse Girl, is just as abstract as it is compelling. Baena uses an unreliable narrator to present a character study on an introverted, anti-social woman who is predisposed toContinue reading ““Horse Girl” Writer-Director Jeff Baena Gets Deep!”