“Belfast”: A Cathartic Homage to Heritage & A Subtle Warning for America

The multi-talented triple-threat writer/director/actor Sir Kenneth Branagh spent his time in quarantine writing his most personal and introspective film to date. Belfast recalls his experience growing up in Northern Ireland during the civil unrest between the Protestants and the Catholics in the 1960s. Personally, it moved me more than any film has in a longContinue reading ““Belfast”: A Cathartic Homage to Heritage & A Subtle Warning for America”

Why I (still) Think “Spotlight” Should Win Best Picture

Some people have asked if I am surprised that “Spotlight” was snubbed at the Golden Globes, and my answer is a resounding NO. The Golden Globes is hardly a panel of serious journalists that are attempting diligently to define excellence in film. ¬†And as “foreigners”, they tend to better comprehend films with global themes. “TheContinue reading “Why I (still) Think “Spotlight” Should Win Best Picture”